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Then, if they want to talk back, and they answer you, and start to engage you back, then asking opened ended questions helps to move things along.Open ended questions are the type that can't be answered with a yes, no, maybe, fine, OK, etc.If she had 0 interest in you/ has a boyfriend or whatever then what you said had nothing to do with the "rejection".Which you also shouldn't look at it as a rejection. You went out and did something you wanted to do, everything within your own power was done but she may just not be interested.

I would say that many shy people (and I used to be one)... " is a simple way to open someone you want to talk to..

If you walk up and talk to her even if you are honest and say "Hi, I am a little bit nervous as I don't do this kind of thing but I thought you were cute and wanted to come talk to you".

If she's interested in you, owning up to it will seem sweet and isn't going to be a dealbreaker.

But there is the fear of coming across as creepy when in public situations.

For example, talking to people on trains or in shops.

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