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The Jo Bros turn to reggae (and low-key, Maroon 5) for inspiration in "Every Single Time." The song is a stand-out about how you keep coming back to your crush, well, every single time.

And so, if you're happy that you've got someone to add a little extra heat to your summer, embrace it.

If you're trying to focus on casual sex and hookups, but your mind keeps daydreaming about a certain someone in particular? The video is also a delight: dark and sexy looks, Not only is "Dream Glow" Charli XCX's collaboration with BTS for their upcoming video game soundtrack.

And the video is equally so: lingering touches, steamy makeout sessions, and sensual grinding courtesy of Mendes and Cabello. In this soft electro-ballad, Lauv croons about how anywhere can feel like Paris in the rain when he's with his lover.

And when he's serving James Dean energy the way he is in the video?

And if you are bold, the flirty lyrics of "Bouncin'" by Kiana Ledé's are probably just your speed: "Bounce, then, I'll take you to my house and / I'll show you all around it / Yeah, we could keep it bouncin.'" If you're about the casual dating life this summer, the lyrics can be literal and metaphorical.

Once summer ends, you can keep it bouncing on to your next hookup or school crush, and close the chapter on your summer fling. Joji sings: "If you’ve been waitin' for fallin' in love/ Babe, you don’t have to wait on me.

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