Dating a sikh woman annual updating amendment to form adv

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) and not know much about his culture and religion should be a worrying sign. will get you started but some of this will come down to individual practice.Some are more devout than others so, as others have mentioned, you need to ask your boyfriend.Either he isn't showing his friends that he values your relationship, or his friends are rude.

Sounds like he doesn't know the meaning of the rituals he follows either, so no worries.He also needs to wake up and realize communication is key, and that expecting you to go to Gurdwara without any preparation of what to expect is unfair to you.If you or him have questions about Sikhism, I would be happy to discuss it with you.sounds to me like he's a punjabi guy practicing a fusion of sikhism/hinduism (eg the 2 days no-meat thing is typically out of respect for hanuman ganesh), similar to the car sales thing (around this time it's shrādh and a generally inauspicious time for big life decisions)I'd comment since I am a Mexican woman with a Sikh BF, except I am figuring out my BF is not really Sikh like he told me. ETA: maybe i should have put "boyfriend" since everything is up in the air. I definitely plan on seating down with him to discuss all of this.The book is the Guru Granth Sahib, which represents the core spiritual teachings of Sikhi.We bow to it out of respect, and in the spirit that this book's teachings are equally as valid to us today as the living Gurus' (teachers) words were centuries ago.

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