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But even if they did tell you that, you’re strong enough to not be swayed by peer pressure. You’re strong enough to not be swayed by the advice of your doctor. The New York Times and the government tell you to take better care of yourself and you have a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts and feel like you’re sticking it to the man. I can tell you what no one else dares to tell you: you are exactly like everyone else. Your beautiful daughter, Moxie, just turned six months old.You are strong enough to not be swayed by the fact that you take a handful of pills every morning and night to keep your blood pressure where it is: a red . You are not honest – you are living well inside the law and you’re doing that by lying to yourself. You found out today that your next baby, who’s going to be born May 22nd 2006, will be a boy. Start telling people now it means “king” in Hungarian, so you’re naming him after Elvis, because you won’t think of that joke on your own until he’s three months old. You were fifty when Mox was born, and your life expectancy at your present weight is about another 15 years. Why don’t you live outside the law and care more about your family than you care about hype?Their first suggestion was that I write a letter to myself ten years ago today: December 2, 2005, when my weight was way over 300 pounds (I don’t have the exact number because I didn’t have my Withings scale then and I didn’t weigh myself often for obvious reasons – but it was about 100 pounds more than I weigh now). Nine years, one month and two days before my doctor suggested that I get a “stomach sleeve” to control my weight. December 2, 2015 Las Vegas, NV Dear Penn, You’re wicked fat.December 2, 2005 is nine years, one month and two days before I went into the hospital with blood pressure higher than U. People think they are being kind by not telling you that. Our hero Bob Dylan sang, “To live outside the law, you must be honest,” and you pride yourself at having the strength to do that.Odette’s research specialization is the study of emerging contaminants, their fate and transport in surface water.Cookies are small pieces of information stored securely on your computer.

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The groovy cats and kitties at Withings have invited me to write now and again about my “weight loss journey” (that phrase was in their email).

All the things that make life worth living take work. Don’t go on any diet that’s easy and makes small changes.

The Penn Scale Label Printing Solution provides everything you need to professionally weigh products and print labels easily and quickly.

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