Dating a man with spoiled children Free profile sex chat account

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These men are the ones doing the damage but they are too bull headed to ever even see it.

Sorry about what happened, but you will be much better off that having to deal with those daily head trips.

That’s the only thing his son told him that he insisted was not true.

She moved out of state when he was young and I basically raised him until he became a teenager and then his dad unraveled all the work I did.

Basically he left me for his ex-wife and started having an affair and used his "old already" grown kids as an excuse. Telling you to leave HIS house should have cost him the house. Obviously he never felt like you were a partner to call the house his, when he should have considered it "ours". At least you no longer have to put up with the game playing that he was sure to start with HIS kids.

He even put her on a pedestal after his son told him his mother raped him!My husband mostly worked during their marriage, and his ex-wife more or less reared the children. My issue is that he is always wanting to please “the girls.” They have been on vacations with us, which gets old after a while.I know he was unfaithful to her, and after 20 years of marriage they divorced. Usually my husband pays for everything, which makes me mad. You can read about me here, peruse the archives here and read popular posts here.They are very dependent on their mother and seem to always get their way.

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