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We’re living in a world where an increasing number of the population is single.

While less than 40% of people were single back in the ‘70s, over 50% are single today.

And do you think you have any chance of climbing out of the friendzone?

So you’re concerned with finding your soulmate, but first, you should really ask yourself if you’re ready to settle down.

Only then you should be able to take another attempt at a longterm relationship.

If you’re looking for someone to fire up a longterm relationship with, a crowded bar on a Friday or Saturday night is probably not the best place to look.

Do you actually believe you can fall in love with someone upon first meeting them?

Really thinking about soulmates, making my brain hurt with heated conversations and arguments on the topic, scrutinising poems and replaying (rap) lyrics in my head.

If the answer is definitely no, maybe you should be content with just being with someone who you can currently have a good time with.

If you constantly find your relationships falling apart, it might actually be a sign that you need to take a serious break from the dating world and work on yourself instead.

It might be hard to fire up a serious relationship if you’re still living at home, or if you place is overflowing with so many roommates that you can never have any time to yourself.

So you might want to focus on becoming more self-sufficient before looking for soulmate.

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