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Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped on this one! Imran Hi Imran, The new row in Data Grid View is not actually added to the datatable until the user navigates to another row. Usually, if a Data Grid View is bound to a data source that has a filter set, you should not let the user change the column which has been used to filter the data.

If I understand you right, you have found a work-around for you case.How do you get the Rad Grid View to do Row Validating only when the focus is about to go to another row?Thanks, Rob Hello Rob, Basically, the Row Validating event will be fired on committing the editing when you are trying to go to another row.I have informed my employer that hitting the Tab key would be more natural to move to the next column but they are firm on making the Enter key do this.When they are in the 2nd or 3rd last column (depending on whether Debit or Credit value entered) and hit Enter, the behaviour they wish to see the Rad Grid View exhibit is to create a new line, give the newline focus and perform validation on the row that has just been vacated (lost focus).

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