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America’s Care Package Delivery (Day 10) Kryssie received the “Save-A-Friend” care package, giving her the power to save one of her fellow houseguests from eviction this week. America’s Have-Nots Announcement (Day 10) Julie informed the houseguests that America will be voting each week to make three of the houseguests the have-nots for the week.Those three will have to endure cold showers, the have-not room and slop.After two minutes, you will be eliminated if you are unable to hold the crown on your knight’s head.At the one hour mark, you will be required to hold your sword with just one hand.Votes to evict Cornbread (9): America, Jason, Justin, Morgan, Neeley, Scott, Shane, Shelby and Whitney. Each houseguest has a sword, a crown and knight in their image.When the competition begins, the houseguests will have two minutes to press the crown to their knight’s head with their sword and get onto their platform.

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The nominee that receives the most votes will receive America’s eviction vote.

Inside of the house are clues in the form of new additions to the house.

Once you are ready to make an attempt to crack the code, you must get in line.

Order to drop out of the competition: Shelby (14 minutes), Jason (20 minutes), Shane (34 minutes), Morgan (1 hour 2 minutes), Scott (1 hour 6 minutes), Kryssie (1 hour 10 minutes), Danielle (1 hour 27 minutes), Whitney (1 hour 59 minutes), Justin (2 hours 10 minutes), Neeley (2 hours 24 minutes).

Alex won Ho H America’s Care Package Announcement (Day 9) Julie informed the houseguests that America will vote to send one lucky houseguest America’s Care Package in each of the next seven weeks.

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