Daily prayer for dating couples speed dating game icebreaker

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There are single young people who also write a letter to the Lord and to their future spouse and renew this letter and promise every year until they meet the person God is calling them to marry.

Each letter will begin with “Dear Lord, and to my future spouse…In this letter I hope to say someday to you, that I prayed for you before I knew you…I loved you before I knew you…

Couples will write a prayer once they marry and then frame all of these prayers and hang the prayers in their bedroom.

How would you respond if your partner did this for you?

The greatest sadness today is that so many young people are opting out of Marriage and choose cohabitation.

He must make a choice of which one to discern—priesthood or marriage.

If the young man doesn’t feel ready to discern a call to priesthood and is already in a dating situation, then I challenge him to discern the possibility of marriage, but to do so with a listening and discerning heart.

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