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I love getting these straight guys onto my casting couch so they can really get into beating their meat for me; thinking there will be a hot porno chick for them eventually.Today is no exception as I have muscular military stud Troy Phillips on my casting couch and his beautifully sculpted body and big veiny dick really get my blood flowing.Finally, Troy arrives at the point of no return and unloads burst after burst of intense white jizz all over my golden sheets while standing over the mess he made and trembling as earthquakes of pleasure ripple through his nervous system and his ability to focus is completely lost.All Dusty can do at this point is lay there paralyzed while every last bit of cum is squeezed out of his glistening piss slit. Today I`ve got cute little Arkansas transplant, Alec Grey, on the casting couch and it went so well, I wanted to share his smokin` little body with y`all.

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He told me he was 15 the first time he gave a blowjob to a 16 year old from an opposing high school and that it was inside a movie theater.

After some chat, old man Andres presents his cock for the twink to suck on.

While doing his best to swallow that large not cut dick, the producer reaches in and strokes Dimitri, until he's hard.

Alec plays with his growing bulge and exhales sighs of pleasure before unzipping and showing off his cute underwear printed with images of cars and of course a better view of that gorgeous bulge I was just talking about.

Alec finally works his dick into such a frenzy that he has to release it from it`s bondage, pulling his waistband down and unleashing a rock hard beautiful cut dick with perfectly suckable balls.

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