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During this period, a total of 285 confirmed cases were reported, the majority of which were from the health zones of Mabalako (30%, n=85), Beni (27%, n=76), Mandima (8%, n=23), Lubero (6%, n=16) and Kalunguta (5%, n=14).

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Currently, no country has implemented travel measures that significantly interfere with international traffic to and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As of 26 June, 108 exposed contacts were identified, and they are in the process of completing the 21-day follow-up period.

Contacts are visited daily for 21 days until the last contact completes follow-up on 3 July. All 14 suspected cases reported to date have tested negative for EVD, and these cases are not related to the confirmed cases mentioned in the Disease Outbreak News on EVD in Uganda.

A total of 1598 deaths were reported (overall case fatality ratio 68%), including 1504 deaths among confirmed cases.

Of the 2369 confirmed and probable cases with known age and sex, 56% (1334) were female, and 29% (691) were children aged less than 18 years.

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