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In 1995, there were approximately 20 million computers connected on the Internet with that number doubling every year until it reached approximately 544 million in 2002.

Computer mediated communication (CMC) encompasses all forms of communication facilitated by the use of the personal computer.

A questionnaire survey with sixteen items was self-administered over a one-week period.

The results showed that 73% of the respondents agreed that CMC enhanced their overall productivity and efficiency while 27% differed.

One of the biggest users of computers and computer networks is the business environment.

Most companies have local and wide area networks that link individual computers from the same location and multiple locations to each other so that information and messages can be shared.

Rogers (2003) recounts the development of the Internet to 1969 when the ARPANET network was developed to allow thirty US Department of Defense contractors to share computer software and databases.

Electronic mail was added as an afterthought but soon became the main function for the network users.

Individuals to large conglomerates have all adopted this new technology by and large due to the development of the Internet.

Introduction Technology plays a major role in all human cultures and societies, from the first group of humans who domesticated fire to be used as a weapon and a tool to the development of the light bulb that sparked the age of electrification to the development of the computer and the Internet that resulted in our present information age (Green, 2002).

To this end, Rogers (1986) claimed that the microcomputer is one of the most important innovations of recent decades in terms of its impact in homes, schools and businesses.

The Internet, in particular, was the catalyst that catapulted the computer into a global phenomenon.

It was estimated that in 2002 there were 544 million users of the Internet international (Rogers, 2003) and that number is growing exponentially.

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