College dating blondes

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Sure, they make better wives, but we have fun in the moment.Knowing how to let loose and have fun is just as important as knowing how to settle down.Sorry, brunettes and redheads — there’s a reason blondes are seen as the more approachable hair color.In our cavewoman days, we had to fight over the attentions of men because so many of them died while out protecting our tribe and hunting for food.That’s one thing I hold near and dear to my heart, and know I must value through all the years to come— it’s so important to have love and respect for myself and the world around me.When I truly started to believe in myself, a ‘no’ could not stop me; countless no’s motivated me and served as a reminder that the ride is the most beautiful part of the journey.

In my economic’s class, Moral Foundation and Capitalism, we discussed that , especially in our society.I love doing this blog post because it gets me excited for all the fun activities surrounding the season. One year in college we were in Vegas for my birthday which is always over OU/TX weekend. 😉 No, Ben and I are not dating but we are talking all things dating apps today for our “FIIT” series! I used to have the quote, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” hanging in my room during high school. Mainly because it reminds me that even if you pursue SEE IT THE BODY RESET PROGRAM IS HERE!!!!I’ve been off and on dating apps for a few years now, and I’ll say it’s a “love-hate relationship”. BUY NOW In March of 2018 I hit a wall with my workouts and body…No need to hate on how chill we are — we just know when it’s time to have a good time!Finally it’s the best time of the year…football season!! Just a real life Monday morning where everything was not in my favor. I woke SEE IT Ambition has been naturally ingrained in me since I can remember.

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