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"I wanted to never EVER hear a woman be worried that her educational achievements or career ambition would be a turn-off."Men who really are looking for a woman whose career drive matches theirs are praising The League."I really think this is such an amazing ecosystem you have created and I have met some amazing people," said David Yong of New York, who was quoted in the company's press materials.Jeni's (Splendid Ice Creams) is the way to my heart." The League will add more people to the local dating pool weekly.Users don't have to be vice presidents or CEOs, but the app does "look for people who are driven," Davis said.Her reward was receiving five potential dates when the dating app launched here Tuesday.One of her matches was a doctoral candidate at Case Western Reserve University who described himself as a "British Texan." Davis, 24, was charmed."He's a bit of a nerd," she said.When she re-entered the dating world after a long-term relationship ended, Bradford wasn't happy with the lack of privacy and filters on OK Cupid, Tinder and other popular online dating websites.Bradford also realized she wasn't interested in men who "didn't share my same drive to achieve, level of intellect, or desire to be in a relationship where our careers and social lives were of equal importance," she wrote in an Linked In essay.

A friend recommended The League over other dating websites such as Bumble, Frawley said."I got the impression The League is for people who are serious about dating," Frawley said. "Somebody who has their crap together," she laughed.In the essay, Bradford cited studies proving what she observed: that many men expect their wives' careers to be secondary to theirs after marriage, and that a man and woman are less likely to date if her income is higher than his.No wonder some women downplay their intelligence and accomplishments so they don't drive men away, she said."I wanted to build a community where smart, outspoken, high-achieving women are celebrated and encouraged to progress in their career full-time," Bradford wrote.Staffers look at every prospect's profile and photo, and authenticates identities through Facebook and Linked In accounts.Dating profiles are hidden from Linked In and Facebook connections.

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