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These challenges can be common with Asian girls, and is a virtual certainty with native Asian girls.Not all Asian cultures are the same, but most have commonalities that are similar or consistent in most.Most of this shame comes from sexually frustrated men who take out their inner sadness on women by shaming them.Some men in Asia shame women about sex in the same way that a fat ugly girl will shame a beautiful girl for “dressing slutty,” when the reality is she’s jealous and sad that she’s not beautiful — a quick way to reduce the pain is by inventing a story in her head that she’s just a slut who dresses slutty.This, in my opinion, is the most challenging reality of approaching and dating Asian girls.In the East, girls have extreme pressure to “appear” pure, clean, polite and innocent.

Even when a girl really likes you, her automatic response may be negative.Any self-aware man who was once really bad with women knows that shaming women for their sexuality is a way to deal with the frustration of not being a part of it.Accepting the fact that you’re just a lonely confused guy is too hard, so it’s just easier to rationalize that the girl kissing her boyfriend in the street is just a slut.One really shocking aspect of Asia you’ll encounter as a “white guy” is racism.Not subtle racism either — ‘Koreans only’ signs in Korea, being denied entry into a club for not being the local ethnicity, having people stereotype you as having AIDS because you’re white or girls refusing to walk with you in public out of fear of looking dirty.

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