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In fact, they use different words and speak faster than Eminem when he raps double time.But their English is pretty good, at least compared to other South American countries.Oh, and don’t forget about the 95.000 Peruvians who mainly live in Santiago. Countries with strong economies attract thousands of immigrants. Latin American Cupid is the only solution and here’s why: Click here to check out my Latin American Cupid review (I also share my experience in Chile)​ The Grand Torre Santiago is the tallest building in South America. Fuente Alemana Alameda: Cheap local fast food for everyone on a budget.Latin Grill: High-class restaurants for high-maintenance girls.

Use some of the “special” words on your first date and she’ll kiss you on the spot. Carrete – party (fiesta)Cuico/Cuica – high-class Catchai? El taco – traffic jam (don’t confuse this with a taco)Tengo pololo – I have a boyfriend (always good to know)Engrupir – to hit on someone (you definitely need that one)Fact #1: Beach handball is a big deal in this country (I didn’t even know that this sport exists)Fact #2: Activity dates are awesome because you can touch her without being creepy. Jesus…I remember one date with an American girl from Phoenix. Holy shit, she didn’t zip it for one goddamn second.

Okay, that doesn’t make any sense because it’s a country and Europe is a continent…but you get the point. Here’s a lesson I learned from a Chilean girl I talked to online: According to her, the local men don’t have any game. But that’s not the only reason why it’s easier to seduce Chilean women than it is to seduce Argentinian women.

They ask for a date before they say “hi” and when they get rejected, they don’t know why. The economy is better, but the competition is lower.

Teatro Del CEAC UChile: A local theatre where you can get closer while she’s laughing (or crying).

Metropolitan Cathedral: Did I mention that women love to play tourist guide?

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