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The pick up sticks point value system is as follows: small blue dashed lines are worth twenty points, large blue-red-blue lines are worth ten points, small red and blue dashed lines are worth five points, large red-green-blue lines are worth three points, and the sticks with only one red line and one blue line are worth two points. At this point, a winner can be declared, or another round of pick up sticks can begin.

There are many variations to the game that can increase difficulty and keep it interesting for many, many plays.

For example, try using a retriever hook to pick up the sticks, which can easily be fashioned from a bent paper clip.

Make up your own house rules, such as the youngest player going first, or that all players must use their non-dominant hand.

Chat up adult game-79

Chat up adult game-79

In this post you'll learn the rules and scoring, as well as the game's history.

Pick up sticks can be scored as each one is picked up, or at the end of the game.

Each player tallies their score by observing the pattern on the pick up sticks.

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