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To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. In fact, some lenders cater to borrowers with bad credit (a credit score below 630) and consider factors beyond your score, such as education, income and job history.

Ideally, a debt consolidation loan should have a lower interest rate than the combined rate on your current debts and allow you to pay off your debt more quickly.

The scoring formula takes into account factors we consider to be consumer-friendly, including impact to credit score, rates and fees, customer experience and responsible lending practices." data-placement="bottom" data-container="body" data-html="true" » MORE: Best debt consolidation loans Make a budget: Debt repayment is part of a balanced budget that allocates money toward your needs, wants, savings and debt.

Upstart and Upgrade require a higher minimum credit score, but offer lower starting APRs than One Main and Avant.Check for errors such as wrong accounts, incorrectly reported missed payments or inaccurate credit limits.You can check your credit report for free once a year at each of the three credit bureaus at Annual Credit » MORE: 5 steps to consolidating debt with a personal loan Credit unions are nonprofit financial organizations that may offer more flexible terms and lower rates than online lenders.Federal credit unions cap annual percentage rates on personal loans at 18%, which is lower than the upper-limit charged by most online lenders.

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