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Some immigrants have found that living in a predominantly French neighbourhood forces them to practice using the language daily, and actually improves their skills.

Closer to downtown, Plateau or Mount Royal, most of the residents are English, or at least highly bilingual, and can converse comfortably in either language.

Renting is the most popular option for those looking to live near downtown.

Montreal has been overtaken by Toronto as Canada’s commercial capital, but it is still an important hub for commerce, arts, culture and architecture.

These enclaves give Montreal a taste of many world foods, cultures and music.

The dominant language spoken in Montreal is French, with 73 percent of residents using it as their primary language.

Some areas of Montreal, like Hampstead, Notre Dame de Grace and Westmount are predominantly English, but others like Rosemont, are very French.

You will find fewer English signs, newspapers in corner stores, and neighbours with whom you can converse.

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