Cambodja sexslave teachers dating students after they graduate

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Life in a brothel is a living hell, says Somaly Mam, as she recalls her years of abuse: She says that, if you have never lived in a brothel, you cannot understand how bad it is.She says she had to receive more than ten clients a day and that most of them were drunk, smelled bad and were very violent.The Somaly Mam Center creates a loving environment where former victims can make new friends and attempt to recapture their lost childhoods.Somaly Mam says the center tries to teach them to love themselves again, but that they must never forget what happened to them.She blames organized crime and corrupt officials for running the industry.She says that criminal networks have set up a structured people-trafficking system.Although some sex workers do the job to escape poverty, many of those working in brothels are victims of human trafficking who are held against their will and forced to work as sex slaves.

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She says she thought her pain was for a lifetime but that today she feels much better.Many of the victims endure years of torture and abuse in brothels, resulting in lasting physical and psychological damage.Despite recent efforts by the Cambodian authorities to curb the country's huge illicit sex industry, analysts say it is continuing to thrive.She says they get angry easily, they shout a lot and many of them just want to die.She says she tries to encourage them to love themselves again, but that can take years of therapy.

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