Britney spears and k fed dating

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KF: I’m used to not having all my kids, and this is gonna be one of those years. He hasn't completely dived into it, and I don't want to force him. When you are co-parenting, you have to be willing to give up some of the things you would really like to do. I want to make sure it’s something he really wants to do. Personal Space: What's a typical day in the Federline house? By the time they are laying down, I’ll get back into the studio if I need to. If you aren't getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep, you’re falling asleep while they're at school. We try to keep ourselves doing regular couples’ things as much as we can. PS: Any special plans or traditions for Father's Day? I got him Ableton [music production app] on his laptop, so he kind of messes with that. The world was used to seeing her pregnant for the previous two years, but she looked red-hot in a tiny black dress and a blond wig. She went right from the Ed Sullivan Theater to nearby Sony Studios, where she faxed her signature to the Los Angeles lawyers handling her divorce.The next day, divorce papers were filed — and Kevin was supposedly blindsided by her decision.Her epic meltdown.  The drama continued in a big way.

By the fall, Kevin was often off partying with his boyz in Las Vegas, and Britney, now juggling two young children, looked miserable every time they were photographed together. 6 — just over a month after having Jayden — she looked incredible in an appearance on .

My boys will be gone, their mom’s off in Asia on tour. By the time you have six, you are so well seasoned.

They are with me until the 15th, and then they are gone for the rest of the month. I’m doing a vacation with some of the kids and my nephew. KF: Having six, it feels like you're trying to control a basketball team. I can probably change a diaper with one hand and feed a kid at the same time. KF: Yah, you fall into your routine and it’s really easy now.

After she was charged in a hit and run, she was banned from driving with her children but did it anyway.

She also took her children out of state without the court’s permission, and was photographed taking the toddlers out to restaurants late at night.

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