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dude you have to understand girls want and love challenge !! on the third date ill take her to Sho - Cho's for Vodka and Sushi !!

you give in too soon then theres your sudden death !!! they love men who seemed available but not men who seemed reachable but not,... cause if you look good and dress good enough then there should be no reason to actually be desperate !!!! just to give the impression that you like her , then be cool, original and spuntanious !!! just imagine the mixture of sexy house music by DJ Ellie with diff kinds of vodka ,...

COMMENTS-Any inappropriate or offensive comments or behaviours that are not aligned with our intention of being a SOCIAL GROUP will be removed and the member will be BANNED. YOU CAN CATCH US BY GOING IN THE DIRECTION OF THE GOODWILL BRIDGE...... EVERY THURSDAY (at 5.30 - not 3.45) AND THE WALK IS FOLLOWED BY A SENSATIONAL DINNER AT THE STORY BRIDGE HOTEL. There may be some chanting by the instructor and people can join in - but that is purely voluntary!! THE CLASS ACTUALLY STARTS AT 5.30 AND ENDS AT 6.15 SO YOU ARE BEST TO GET THERE AT 5.15 TO GET READY TO START AT 5.30....... This event is not really a great opportunity to meet people because of the nature of the class- everyone is on the floor with blankets on, but you can leave a comment down below and maybe catch up with people from meetup after the class if you want!

The issue may be mentioned at the monthly 'Brisbane Organisers' Meetup and maybe forwarded on to 'Meetup Headquarters' for future action. *** This walk is meant to be a slow social walk😊😊😊😆 Meet for a scenic walk from Kangaroo Point (at the entrance of the Holman Ferry Terminal - near the Jazz Club) then up towards Southbank and then over the Goodwill Bridge then back around the back of Q. We meet EVERY SUNDAY - no matter what the weather is like- we catch the ferry over to the Jade Buddah and then back again even if it is raining!!! THE CLASS IS FREE- but if you want to give the centre a coin donation that is up to you (there is a donation box near the front door) YOU SHOULD GET A PARKING SPOT DIRECTLY ACROSS THE ROAD... We leave it on our calendar because it is such a great place and people really appreciate knowing about it!

Girls like to get text messages and phone calls and blokes the most irritating thing is when a guy says he'll call and then doesn't.Rosie is hosting at the moment and most weeks a group head off down the road for a dinner after the her if you are interested in going as well....☺ Meet us at the Stones Corner Hotel for a friendly game of trivia. Ask at the bar if you can not find the group or ask the trivia compare where Rosie's group is.... THE GAME- starts at 7pm and it is FREE to play...can meet a bit earlier so that we can have a chat and dinner (if you want).We will be there at 6.15 to socialise and eat but the game actually starts at 7pm. As with all our trivia games - it is all about having fun and meeting new and familiar people..we hope you can join us.....Women's brains think differently, yes we actually do hang onto the phone waiting for you to call.Cool nights out are good, good food, good conversation a few drinks maybe some dancing.

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