Blind dating cast crew

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After a series of failed blind dates set-up by his oafish brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas, "'Til Death"), which make up the bulk of the story time, Danny finally decides to pursue Leeza only to be pushed away when their relationship gets too close.Stuck in the Indian tradition of arranged marriage, Leeza must decide between her familys wishes and her own while Danny battles with the prospect of seeing the world through the lens of a camera, synthetically connected to his brain.Most of the songs play low in the background and thus sacrifice any potential dynamics, leaving a soundtrack not many layers deep.

He struggles with the question of his appearance: is he attractive?

It starts off with promise and quickly becomes predictable as common situations and characters are introduced to us with no surprises, turns, or unexpected complications to make it engaging.

Chris Pine succeeds at making his character convincing but the other performances are unable to overcome the shortfalls in the written dialogue.

One would likely expect Dating to be a made-for-TV movie, considering its cast and crew are largely made up of TV personalities.

Instead, what's delivered is a polished but surprisingly amateurish film from veteran television actor-turned-director James Keach.

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