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Money goes upstairs and puts a sleeping gas bottle in Nordstrom's bedroom.

The group search the house but cannot find the money.

Money receives a tip that a man has 0,000 in cash in his house in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood.

The cash was reportedly a settlement after a wealthy young woman, Cindy Roberts, killed his daughter in a car accident.

After blocking the basement door, they encounter the dog, who has woken.

They flee into the bedroom, where they are trapped by the barred windows.

After a blind struggle, Alex knocks out Nordstrom and they flee upstairs.

In China, every year millions of youth leave their small villages for greater opportunities in the city.

Yet, despite quickly adopting to life in the big city, many still obey the strict customs that govern the small villages they grew up in, especially when it comes to marriage.

It received largely positive critical reviews and grossed over 7 million.

Rocky, Alex, and Money are three Detroit delinquents who make a living by breaking into houses and stealing valuables.

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