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I looked into Stevens eyes and whispered; “I could have come this far without you…I love you so much”.After leaving Stevens embrace, I turned around to find my bulls arms enveloping me and lifting my petite frame into his six foot three grasp and into a wonderful and exhilaratingly passionate kiss.“You look so beautiful” Steven said; and gave me a soft encouraging hug.“I just want to say thank you Sue”; “I love you so much” It was at this moment that I knew we had come through this process together and stronger than ever.Even though the weather outside was horrible, nothing…..NOTHING was going to ruin this experience for my husband and he made preparations accordingly.This night was no exception but I was warm with anticipation.My husband and I had gone through all the ups and downs over the past months that all new couples go through when entering into this lifestyle.

His wife had left the state to visit family for Christmas so he had no obstacles other than his work.By the time I reached the landing I was positively soaked with excited anticipation.There I found both my Bull and Husband gazing at me.One thing for sure that most people agree is that black women are usually very sexual. Free join WMBW dating site to Share it with us One study found that people have already inferred several of your personality traits including competence, trustworthiness...[read more] Whitemenblackwomen bringing Americans of black women white men together now.WMBW is the largest swirl dating site that is dedicated to white men and black women to mingle with each other...[read more] Are you hoping to find a beautiful black woman who you can be in a steady relationship with?

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