Bisexual web camming

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Your favorite (or most profitable) fetishes might be something that you never heard of, so keep an open-mind.

Figure Out Your Hard Lines (What You Won’t Do) – This is very important.

For camming, Windows OS is highly preferred and some camming sites require it.

Any modern PC or laptop should be able to work for anything it’s required for.

The one major requirement is that To perform or sell on a network, digital copies of photo ID must be submitted.

This is for age verification and something that all the networks are obligated to do to stay compliant with federal regulation. Outside of the age documentation, there’s some equipment requirements.

What’s required various based on the services that are being offered.

Is there a guy out there who wouldn't want to lick up every drop?

Decide What Fetishes You Want To Cater To – Think long and hard about the fetishes that you and your partner are comfortable with.

Keep in mind that there’s tons of fetishes that you never even knew existed.

Getting into couples porn is simple and can be very profitable.

There’s tons of different services that you and your partner can be offering, ranging from camming to videos and everything in between.

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