Belleek marks dating

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Another potter’s mark on an Ivy spill just visible above the harp Other colours and markings used for Belleek backstamps There is a wealth of colours used on parian for the backstamp such as blue, red, brown and black.Illustrations of early Belleek backstamps in different colours.

The above catalogue list is a special selection of the earliest designs mainly based on seashells.However the red became identified with bone china and so it is not used on parian so much after the initial period of the pottery.The red mark does appear to be referring to the body of the piece and most pieces with this red stamp seem to have a very high lustre glaze and it may refer to this.Note also with the exception of the first item which is stoneware all of them are parian and none of them are earthenware.It is interesting that it is commonly thought that the potter’s mark is of Irish characters but nobody is able to read them as such.

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