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He never understood that Cherie loves to be dominated by a strong male who oozes confidence and masculinity.

Cherie finally got so fed up one day that she decided to install a hookup app to see if there were any bulls around that could give her the sexual satisfaction she deserves.

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When Michael and I were first starting out, he would take me to social events he found on line specifically so he could turn me out to mingle socially with men we didn’t know because he liked to watch me interact socially with men.Based on a lot of the shit he tries to “explain” to me, I would also say I am much better off being an emotional thinker.Admittedly, I don’t spend a lot of time reading magazines, but when I do they tend to be health and beauty, or fashion related.Hotwife Cherie Deville has bee unhappy with her marriage for quite some time.Her snivelling husband is a poor excuse for a man, always trying to be the "nice guy" and cater to her every need.

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