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During the second round, Silva managed to shake Le with huge punches and knees that completely broke Le's nose.

This latest episode harkens back to the brief feud between Silva and Chael Sonnen.

because if you like the ones I've done so far you'll probably like that one, too!

But even a while after that, I found myself struggling with a really low energy level.

Silva then finished the fight with ground strikes to earn the knockout.

During the second round, Silva rocked Franklin hard with punches and almost finished the fight during that moment.

I felt the reason he got the decision was the knockdown right at the end. You could take all those great little sayings that your coach told you or you got in a fortune cookie and you can shove them up your ass when I'm around, because I don't care about any of them.

Silva then announced he would be out of action untilas he underwent facial surgery to repair his nose which was broken during Silva's second fight with Cro Cop, and then repeatedly broken again in later matches and remove some scar tissue from above his eyes to avoid bleeding and being easily cut open during future fights.Today I’ll be archiving Namco High while it’s still available. The game was created by Shifty Look, a group dedicated to revitalizing old Namco franchises not in use, so you can see with that what sort of dating sim Namco High is going to be. They didn't show very much of it, but it was a mess. We had to get Wanderlei back, but we had Dana White on the phone. We had Vitor Belfort on the phone, wondering, hey, if this guy really walks, will you get on a plane? And welcome to another Let’s Play composed by yours truly, playerprophet.

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