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A clean HTML, which means error-free structure and higher content/code ratio is search engine friendly as it is also user friendly.Where you can have fun effingup your or someone else’s photos & photobombing social sites.Where you can have private Camversations on a Chat Cam with pictures transformed by cameras.Where, if you are a brand, you can have your own camera & get users to touch & shape you (& eventually, buy you;). The ultimate symbol of collaboration between people, pop artists, point of views, companies & causes; that starts with personal creative expression & sharing for fun; but ramps up to commerce & conscience. _______________________________________________________________________________ Fullscreen Fullscreen Find Cams with the things you love in And Cam.Where, if you are a social cause, you can get users to join your shout & make it louder. It's a Me Cam & Meme Cam & We Cam & For Our Eyes Only Cam & Prank Cam & Food Fight Cam & Hungry Zombies Cam & Creativity Cam & Pop Culture Cam & Remix Cam & Eff It All Up Cam & Idea Cam & Very Big Idea Cam & Anything You Want Cam & ______Cam Fullscreen Fullscreen Fullscreen Fullscreen Make your camera & share it with your friends.

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