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We also had the opportunity to meet many of the Friends of SPHERE in the Knowle West Media Centre and used this as an opportunity to talk about what the walls of our homes might say about us, if they could talk.This gave us a chance to speak to the Friends of SPHERE and, potentially, those who may have the system in their home about any privacy concerns this may bring.We were also set a challenge around 'Ground Truthing' - a challenge of how to simply check if the SPHERE sensors are detecting what we think they are.There was a great response to the challenge, combing the skills of researchers and others from a wide range of backgrounds.We now have the 'deployment' versions of these sensors ready.These include the SPHERE wearable, and the charging pad.For our final activity, we brought together 11 Friends of SPHERE for a workshop.In this workshop, the Friends of SPHERE completed a data profile of their home, sharing aspects of their life and home with us.

Using this data, the project will focus on inferring the patient's activity and level.Through this blog post, we want to share a little bit about what we have been doing and introduce the SPHERE Genie.The SPHERE Genie will be the interface through which people taking part in the SPHERE deployments can control the system, pause data recording, and contact the SPHERE team.The wearable will come with a choice of colours and straps, and will identify individual members of the household, where they are in the house and some movement information.The environmental sensor and receiver will collect information about Temperature, light, humidity etc, and receivers will be distributed throughout the house to collect information from the other sensors.

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