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This is my promised #1 Dating Profile ever – I literally received 2500 emails from younger women within 6 months from this profile.In this power-point presentation, I break down EXACTLY why it is so powerful, and you will learn…I created it because the men using my program were having so much success and dating so many beautiful, younger women that their friends and family were commenting so much - and these guys wanted easy answers to handle them and basically shut them up."I am a man at the height of his powers and you are a young beauty at the threshold of your possibilities.

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Unequivocally, this course is not about “tricking “women or doing anything fake or phony or inauthentic or dressing like an idiot. I drove a beat-up Honda Civic, and my ex and I shared a bright red minivan to shuttle the kids around – and you’re probably already thinking it– looking at my life, I thought no woman would ever date a guy like me.I was suddenly dating one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Women Under 25, Playboy models, lingerie models, gorgeous “girls next door” types, nursing students, wild undergrads (and their friends) – and pretty much any beautiful young woman I desired. I had no more money than I did before, but in a way, I did win the lottery – and that winning ticket is this: insider knowledge - the exact information I am going to share with you right now below…The most obvious mistake uninformed guys make is to go to clubs where youth rules!They figure – that’s where the hot younger women are – but THOSE women are there to hang with young guys. I’ll show you the places – offline and online – where younger women are already seeking you out.

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