Actors dating normal people

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Although the pair are in a polyamorous relationship, the connection between the two is just like any other couple."Dating a porn star is just like dating any other woman.They all want the same things, love, romance, kindness and respect.We understand why you are blocking ads, but just know it compromises your site experience (features may break or not appear entirely) and prevents us from investing in the Future of Porn.Most people’s experience with porn never goes beyond their computer screen, but have you ever wondered what it would actually be like to date a pornstar?According to Reign, this is because porn stars have to take STI tests every 14-30 days or else they can’t work, which acts as a huge incentive to protect and look after their health.

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It's a physical trait and everyone is different," he says.“I literally saw her across a crowded room and eight years and four kids later, that’s my life.I don’t know how else our paths would have crossed if that didn’t happen.” The moral of the story?Most of the time, afterwards, I don’t even feel like I had sex; I feel like I worked my ass off at a modelling job. And he doesn't get weirded out when people tell him they've watched his girlfriend."I take it as a compliment... Despite sex being "work", Love's career doesn't affect their sex life any more than any other job."The sex is amazing.When I’m performing, there’s no room in my head for anything other than making the scene look good. We’re there to entertain YOU, not ourselves,” she says. Our sex life off camera has meaning, love and emotion,” adds Reign. We both get to dabble in things that our previous partners were not into.

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