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Instead, I'd get one regular balcony cabin and an inside cabin directly across the hall, and you'll end up saving at least 50% off the cost of an expensive large suite.

You could also book 2 connecting balcony cabins for less than a suite. Your steward will make it up at night then collapse it during the day.

There are adjoining cabins with a door in between the cabin (very much like adjoining rooms in hotels). At least, you won't be sharing one bathroom for 5 people.

At age 25, I’m still not at the place I want to be in my career or even in living independently and I don’t claim to be the ultimate authority on career building.

You have to act fast as they do get booked real quick and the numbers are limited. You will have a much better time if you have two old enough for their own room.

I think most ships can accommodate 5 in a state room. Make sure you check out available tours before you go.

Never could figure how that was a handicapped cabin!

) Also once our balcony cabin had a pull down and sleeper sofa about twin bed size.

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