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The Active X control can also be used within native applications developed in Microsoft Visual Basic or Borland Delphi. Open allows users to export Open Office.orgdocuments to popular file formats like Doc Book or various small devicefile formats like Aportis Doc. the open source database can be used for mail merge activities andthe creation of reports.

This gives users the possibility to carrytheir documents with them on their Palm Pilots and Pocket PC PDA’s. The combination of Open and My SQL (oranother supported database) allows users to do tasks that many peopleused to solve by using products like Microsoft Access.hp:// Size: 1.1MB Non Portable Application :hp:// PDF-0.5-install.exeor :hp:// PDF-0.5Sumatra PDF Portable is the lightweight Sumatra PDF packaged as aportable app, so you can view PDF files on the go.

Because PC-Clean is a completely free product you can use it at home, at school, or at work. Real-time blocking of spyware/adware distributed by Active X b.. * API and File Format Compatible with Star Office 7[tm] Office Suite.

Feel the freedom of safe computing with a single click. Since the Star Office7[tm] Office Suite is based on Open 1.1 both applicationsuites are API and file format compatible.

pcid=ts&pvid=nco Safeguards against online identity theft ? Removes known crimeware and blocks suspicious programs? Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout your service period Key Features? The creation of PDF files normally requires relatively expensive third party add-ontools. Recipients and users of Flash presentations don’t have toinstall a special viewer anymore in order to view a presentation. Open 1.1 can now be used by handicapped people– for example people with sight problems.

Authenticates popular banking and shopping Web sites Highlighted Features and Benefits? Works with other antivirus and Internet security solutions to provide additional protection? Thisallows users to open and save Word, Excel and Power Point files on theirpreferred platform incl. This feature makes exchanging documentsin a standard “read-only” file format a trivial task. Thus, it’s now possible to viewpresentations in a simple web browser that has the Flash plugininstalled.

ACDSee Photo Editor is fast, easy-to-use, and lets you get your imageedits just the way you want them.

Enhance and Correct Your Photos Fixcommon problems such as light levels, red-eye, and rotation using the Photo Correction Wizard.

Inorder to get your Open based/compatible product included inthat list please contact Erwin Tenhumberg or Louis Suarez-Potts. The new macro recorder records and automates recurring tasks.

Improve subtle details in your photos using awide selection of intuitive correction tools.

Filters, Special Effectsand Creative Tools ACDSee Photo Editor allows you to add text, and useprofessional selection and drawing tools for photo editing.

Open Impress is a full-featuredpresentation tool that allows to create and modify diagrams and picturesright within the application. Open Draw is a drawing tool that supports both vector and bitmap images.

And,because the file format for Open is XML, interoperability iseasy, making future development and adoption more certain. a hugenumber of statistical and scientific functions, pivot tables and charts.* Presentation Tool.

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    A fairly common home-safe capacity is 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet, which should easily accommodate a foot-high stack of 8½- by 11-inch papers, for example.