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The more batteries the better for power, but space and weight has to be considered when upgrading the battery bank.

Your RV has a max weight capacity and only so much precious cargo space.

It’s nice to be able to flip a switch when I’m ready to leave and have a fresh battery in reserve to power the trailer jacks and bring the slide in.

Now that you have the extra 12 volt power storage capacity the next upgrade that is nice to have is an inverter.

I run my 1000w inverter using two Trojan six volt golf cart batteries.

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Each 12 volt incandescent bulb draws approximately one amp.Inverters basically take the 12 volt DC power a battery has and changes it into 120 volt AC power like in your house power outlets.The inverter allows you to run things like TVs, small appliances, satellite boxes, etc.On top of that line, there is a hot water line that feeds your pipes.If there is a middle pipe that connects these two lines, congratulations, you have just located the RV’s bypass valve.

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