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That’s when I finally understood there is a huge chasm between longing for love and being truly ready and available to create it.

And as I began to take responsibility at a whole new level for my covert attitudes, misguided loyalties, deep-seated ambivalence, faulty beliefs and hidden agendas, I found myself becoming more and more open to love.

Often, just the act of registering for the course is enough to unleash a whole series of synchronicities and event that will begin to draw a magical love into your life!

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You could read the Calling in book along with your program.

Having joined a group whose purpose was to support one another to cause outrageous breakthroughs in all areas of life, I watched in amazement as miracle after miracle unfolded for my friends. Another shot up the corporate ladder in record time.

A third bought her first home ever in the part of town she’d always dreamed of living in. When I called a friend from the group to declare my intention, I was relieved that she did not laugh or tell me that a woman over 40 has a better chance of being hit by a bus than to find a wonderful husband.

You will understand how you have been the source of any past disappointing patterns in your intimate relationships in a way that feeds you power to do things differently from now on.

You will also learn how you can become a clear co-creator of love, learning how to be magnetic and to “call in” a deeply satisfying, soulful union that represents the fulfillment of love in your life.

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