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Now the Action Cable thing I believe is namespaced, so you would be fine with that but just something to keep in mind as you go forward, so let's generate rails g devise:install and let's just get back into building this, so let's generate users, but let's have a username for the users so we can show that next to the chat messages instead of an email address and let's talk about generating that chat room model.We need to generate the chat room model, I'm going to generate a scaffold for the sake of doing that, so the scaffold will be a lot easier for us to automatically have all those views, we can go edit all of them, but we will have something to see got to play with out of the box, so we'll use a scaffold for: Let's call them chat room, and each chat room is going to have a name and that's probably it.We're going to try to build an application where you log in and you see all the channels on the sidebar and those in real time update when there's a new message and all of that stuff.This is going to be a lot more complex than the DHH posts example that we saw with the Action Cable example chatroom that he built before, and it's also going to be more complicated than the notifications thing that I did which is just a tiny piece of your website.One feature that we're going to delay until talking about in a future episode is the idea of marking the channels and the user's last read_at time stamp.

I'm just going to run the scaffold for chatroom, and if we decide we need to change it later we can change it, so we'll just modify that as necessary but for now this is good let's also generate that model in between the chat room and the user's, so this is probably just going to be really simple, and we'll say: rails g model Chatroom User chatroom:references user:references That is the join table we'll create the resources controller and routes in order for you to click on a channel and join it, that will of course need to be a feature so that we can save that permanently, but that's really as simple as those are.This is important that it needs to be server-side because that should propagate to all your devices for example, so we don't want it to be stored client-side in Javascript in like a cookie or something, because then that way we don't actually get to persist that and if you sign on on your i Phone, you wouldn't actually know what you last read at.So it needs to be something that's done server side, but we'll talk more about this in depth in a future episode, and we'll also merge that in as a feature all on it's own and so if we need to make adjustments to this model, we can go do it and then later on, and this feature can be separate, because really we're trying to set up the bare bones structure for everything right now.We'll also need to set up a little bit of the UI, so I'm going to paste in a command that basically, this is from the bootstrap-sass README if you're reading that, when you set this up.needs to be moved to because we want to use SCSS in order to parse this file.

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